The Brief Introduction of Fujian Jiangxia University

    Founded in March 2010, Fujian Jiangxia University is established and supervised by Fujian Provincial People's Government as a public university offering undergraduate education. Its main campus, which is the new one, locates in University Town of Fuzhou. The total area of both new and old campuses is 109.876 hectares. The university enrolls students from 11 provinces including some autonomous regions and currently has 15,709 full-time students.

      Fujian Jiangxia University has 11 secondary colleges and 4 teaching departments, namely, College of Accounting, College of Business Administration, College of Economics and Trade, College of Finance, College of Law, College of Public Administration, College of Electronic Information Science and Technology, College of Engineering, College of Design and Creativity, Straits College of Finance and Economics, College of International Education, Department of Ideological and Political Theory, Department of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Public Foreign Language and Department of Public Physical Education...   [more]