The Brief Introduction of Fujian Jiangxia University

     Founded in March 2010, Fujian Jiangxia University is established and supervised by Fujian Provincial People's Government as a public university offering undergraduate education. Its main campus, which is the new one, locates in University Town of Fuzhou. The total area of both new and old campuses is 109.876 hectares. The university enrolls students from 11 provinces including some autonomous regions and currently has 15,709 full-time students.

     Fujian Jiangxia University has 11 secondary colleges and 4 teaching departments, namely, College of Accounting, College of Business Administration, College of Economics and Trade, College of Finance, College of Law, College of Public Administration, College of Electronic Information Science and Technology, College of Engineering, College of Design and Creativity, Straits College of Finance and Economics, College of International Education, Department of Ideological and Political Theory, Department of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Public Foreign Language and  Department of Public Physical Education. FJU sets up 27 undergraduate specialties which fall in 6 subjects of economics, management, law, techniques, science and art.

     When strengthening the construction of traditional preponderant disciplines and accelerating the development of characteristic engineering courses, FJU also gradually forms a multidisciplinary and coordinated development system. And it is honored as “Fujian 11th Civilization School”, “Peaceful Campus” as well as “Fujian Provincial Excellent Unit of Graduate Employment”. Mr. Huang Rulun, Chairman of the Century Golden Resources Group, generously gives us financial support in new campus construction.

     FJU currently has a faculty of 931 persons, including 697 professional teachers, with 46 professors and 273 associate professors, 629 teachers with doctoral or master’s degrees. We have 1 National Talent in New Century BaiQianWan Talents Program, 4 experts who enjoy the State Council special allowance, 1 member of National Teaching Guidance Committee of Colleges and Universities under Ministry of Education, 1 member of Committee of Ministry of Education of Teaching Guidance in Vocational Education, 1 National Outstanding Teacher, 2 “Min River Scholars” Distinguished Visiting Professors, 1 “Min River Scholars” Lecturing Professor, 1 Provincial Talent in Science and Technology, 1 candidate in first six 100 talents special support plan, 1 Provincial Outstanding Talent, 1 Provincial Talent in Engineering, 2 Provincial Teaching Masters, 1 Provincial Outstanding Teachers, 4 New-Century Excellent Talents in Universities of Fujian Province, 3 Top Youth Talents in Universities of Fujian Province , 5 Doctoral tutors and 15 Master tutors. FJU possesses a library of 1375.6 thousand paper books and 70 thousand e-books.

     In 2013, the Fujian Provincial People's Government has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University, which lists “jointly develop Fujian Jiangxia University” as one of the major terms, and specifies that both parties would help FJU speed up the construction of a distinctive and advanced applied undergraduate university, and lay special stress on the supports in the programs, funds and policies. FJU has signed strategic cooperation agreements and memorandum of cooperation in running our school with Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, and Fuzhou University relatively and developed cooperation in terms of personnel training, discipline construction, technology innovation, building of teaching staff, the construction of key laboratory and Collaborative Innovation Center, academic degrees and postgraduate education and so on, which would fully promote the level of running our school.

     FJU attaches great importance to the construction of specialty and enhancing the quality of talent development. The “Collaborative Innovation Center on Energy-saving and Environment-protecting High-performance Concrete” which FJU takes lead in, earned the honor “2011 Collaborative Innovation Center” of Fujian Province. The “Center of Finance and Accounting Research” which FJU takes lead in, is approved as a base of Province Research Center of Humanities and Social Science. Presently it has 3 key disciplines of Fujian Province and 1 Innovation Platform of Fujian Province for preponderant subjects.

     The leaders of the university spare no effort to improve the quality of the undergraduate education. FJU has been strengthening the construction of undergraduate quality project, including 1 national teaching reform and practice base, 3 provincial comprehensive innovation projects, 1 provincial innovation experimental zone for talent development, 2 provincial professional teaching demonstration centers, 4 provincial practice teaching bases based on college-enterprise cooperation, 5 provincial public basic courses experimental teaching platform, 13 provincial top-quality courses and excellent courses, 3 provincial education and teaching pilot reform projects and 64 provincial “College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Plan” projects. The employment rate of students graduated in 2014 is 98.6%.

     The university puts great emphasis on research, utilizing it to enhance the improvement of teaching quality and social service. Now there have been some prominent laboratories and research centers established in the university, including 1 provincial key laboratory, “Research Center on Marine Environment and Civil Engineering Materials of Key Laboratory on Safety and Durability of Civil Engineering of the Ministry of Education” co-established by FJU and Tsinghua University, 1 humanities and social science research base of Fujian Province,  2 engineering research centers of Fujian Colleges and Universities, 1 provincial scientific research institution, 21 university-level research institutions.  At present, there are 5 provincial academies and institutes affiliated to FJU. The university also hosts more than 3 Chinese scholarly periodicals, including Journal of Fujian Jiangxia University, Journal of The Straits Law and Journal of Finance.

     FJU has been reinforcing exchanges and cooperation. It comprehensively promotes the cooperation in running school with Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and Fuzhou University. It enhances the cooperation with enterprises and institutions, realizing the complementary advantages between the university and the enterprises. The College of International Education has been set up, with British higher education diploma program introduced. The Straits College of Finance and Economics has been established, which implements the "3+1" mode of talent development by corporately running school with Tunghai University and Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan and other universities.

     On the basis of the development strategy of strengthening the school with quality, characteristics, and talents, FJU is carrying out Eight Projects: teaching quality, discipline construction, scientific research innovation, talent team, open college-running model, cultural development, scientific management, and harmonious campus. FJU has been promoting the development with enhancing teaching quality as its core. It aims at a distinctive and high-level application-oriented university, and at cultivating high-quality versatile innovative application-oriented talents, thus makes greater contribution to the development of our nation and Fujian Province.

     (The statistics above is updated on April, 2015)

     Address: 2 Xiyuangong Road, University Town, Fuzhou, Fujian 350108 P. R. CHINA

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